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What is evolution?
a) Evolution refers to the process through which species change over time b) RESOLVING c) SOLVING d) ADAPTAION
According to Darwin’s observations, finches isolated on the Galapagos Islands were
a) Isolation of the species allowed adaptations to the environment to reappear in each b) RESOLUTION c) ADAPTATION d) NATURAL SELECTIN
What are two types of structural evidence that scientists use as biological evidence
a) vestigial organs and similar structures with different functions b) relative age c) absolute age d) DNa
What is an adaptation?
a) Adaptation is a characteristic, behavior or any inherited trait which increases the b) rampage c) adaptaion d) natural selection
a) kjkj b) kjj c) kjkj d) kjkj
a) jkj b) jkj c) kjkj d) kjkj
a) jkjkjl;'' b) ljkljl;' c) ljkljl; d) lkjlkjlj
a) lkj b) kj c) j d) k
a) jk b) ii c) iioop d) popp
a) op b) kjl c) opo d) p[p[
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