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Hoc tempore puella bella puerum videbit.
a) Time When b) Time Within Which c) Separation d) Means
Una ex puellis ibi laboravit.
a) Separation b) Cardinal Numbers c) Place From Which d) Place Where
Equus tractus erat ex urbe.
a) Place From Which b) Cardinal Numbers c) Manner d) Place Where
Dei fortes magna cura et gloria laudabatur.
a) Manner b) Time When c) Separation d) Means
Bellae puellae cum nautis navigaverunt.
a) Manner b) Separation c) Accompaniment d) Place from Which
Necatus erat ferro.
a) Means b) Manner c) Separation d) Time When
Hoc feci amore vestri.
a) Means b) Manner c) Separation d) Time When
Terra homines alit bonis fructibus.
a) Means b) Time When c) Manner d) Separation
Vir erat in casa.
a) Place From Which b) Separation c) Place where d) Manner
Magnus rex habuit terram tribus diebus.
a) Time Within Which b) Manner c) Time When d) Means
Troiam meis oculis vidi.
a) Manner b) Separation c) Time When d) Means
Dei laudabantur ab multis viris et feminis.
a) Personal Agent b) Cardinal Numbers c) Separation d) Manner
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