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Ruling people in a fatherly way by providing for their needs but not giving them any rights is called ___________________________.
a) assimiliation b) paternalism c) social Darwinism d) racism
Forcing a conquered people to adopt a conqueror’s culture is called ___________.
a) assimilation b) paternalism c) social Darwinsim d) racism
Which of these things were taken from the people of Africa?
a) freedom to pick their government b) natural resources c) civil rights d) all of these
In the Power of One we saw the South African policy of segregating the black natives from the white Europeans. What was the name of this policy?
a) separatism b) Afrikaners c) Apartheid d) slavery
Why didn't the Europeans in power want the Africans to learn to read?
a) Knowledge is power b) They will stop boxing c) The Africans will assimilate d)
What does P.K. do for the native Africans?
a) imprisons them b) oppresses them c) teaches them to read d) nothing
Which of these is one of the 4 reasons why World War I started?
a) militarism b) imperialism c) nationalism d) all of these
Whose assassination lead to the start of World War I?
a) Lincoln’s b) Kennedy’s c) Franz Ferdinand d) Gandhi
Who won World War I?
a) Germany and its allies b) America and its Allies c) Japan and its allies d)
Which of these events lead to the U.S. entering World War I?
a) German submarine warfare b) The Zimmerman Telegram c) Both of these d)
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