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Useful when exact data is not required
a) Graph b) Table c) Estimation d) Measurement
SI unit of mass
a) Centimeter b) Kilometer c) Kilogram d) Yard
On the temperature scale water boils at 100 degrees
a) Rate b) Celcius c) Fahrenheit d) Kelvin
A ratio of two measurements with different units
a) Bar Graph b) Graph c) Rate d) Kilogram
Making a rough measurement of an object by guessing, based on experience
a) Guessing b) Estimation c) Measuring d) Rate
Graph that shows parts of a whole
a) Line Graph b) Bar Graph c) Circle Graph d) Time Graph
Type of graph that shows the relationship between two variables
a) Mrs. Hofer's Graph b) Line Graph c) Circle Graph d) Bar Graph
International System of Units
a) SI b) Rate c) Measurement d) Graph
SI unit of temperature
a) Kelvin b) Fahrenheit c) Meter d) Celcius
Displays information in rows and columns
a) Table b) Bar Graph c) Line Graph d) Estimation
Type of graph that compares variables with one variable divided into parts
a) Bar Graph b) Circle Graph c) Line Graph d) Puppy Dog Graph
The amount of matter in an object
a) Table b) Mass c) Circle Graph d) Meter
SI unit of length
a) Kilogram b) Kelvin c) Meter d) Celcius
The international system of measurement
a) Meter b) Kilometer c) SI d) Kelvin
A way to describe the world with numbers
a) Measurement b) Table c) Graph d) Meter
Used to collect, organize, and summarize data in a visual display
a) Table b) Meter c) Kilogram d) Graph
Uses bars to show the relationships between variables
a) Circle Graph b) Line Graph c) Spongebob Graph d) Bar Graph
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