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To shrink, in pain or distress ;to flinch (verb)
a) wince b) ornery c) aloof d) gallant
Slender or frail; delicate (adjective)
a) gallant b) slight c) size d) roguish
Dishonest; Mischievous (Adjective)
a) nonchalant b) ornery c) roguish d) wince
To make an estimate, opinion, or judgment of (verbal phrase)
a) stricken b) incidentally c) aloof d) size
Cool, Carefree (Adjective)
a) nonchalant b) gallant c) ornery d) slight
Apart or aside from the main subject (adverb)
a) stricken b) incidentally c) size d) ornery
SUffering from something overwhelming, such as strong emotion or trouble (adjective)
a) wince b) aloof c) stricken d) nonchalant
High spirited and courageous; attentive to women; chivalrous (adjective)
a) wince b) ornery c) incidentally d) gallant
Distant; especially in one's feelings towards other people (adjective)
a) aloof b) slight c) roguish d) size
Stubborn or mean-spirited nature (adjective)
a) gallant b) ornery c) wince d) stricken
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