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What was the name of the prison that French peasants stormed in order to get guns and supplies for the revolution?
a) Alcatraz b) San Quentin c) The Louvre d) The Bastille
What was the name of the General who became a French dictator?
a) McArthur b) Napoleon c) Hitler d) Louis XIV
What was Napoleon’s goal?
a) Make France an Empire b) Make France a Republic c) Make France Independent d) Make France Communist
What country did Napoleon attack and lost?
a) Germany b) Italy c) Russia d) England
What was the time period called when people shifted from hand tools to power tools?
a) Imperial Revolution b) Industrial Revolution c) Paleolithic Era d) Modernization
What happened to food production because of the industrial revolution?
a) increased b) decreased c) d)
In which country did the Industrial Revolution start?
a) Germany b) Italy c) Russia d) England
Which of these was a problem created by the industrial revolution?
a) Rapid urbanization (over population) b) Poor housing conditions c) Poor working conditions d) all of these
What is it called when a strong nation tries to overtake/dominate another country politically, militarily, economically, or socially?
a) industrialization b) imperialism c) iconocism d) alliance
Which of these is an economic reason why countries became imperialistic?
a) countries wanted a source of raw materials b) countries wanted a new markets (new customers) c) both of these are correct d)
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