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Two plus one is
a) Five b) Four c) Three d) Two
What month is your current term over
a) January b) October c) December d) November
Zero times 20 equals
a) The answer is Ten b) The answer is Twenty c) The answer is Zero d)
What month is Christmas in
a) December b) January c) February d) March
What is one plus five
a) Eight b) Seven c) Six d) Five
What is our instructor's Last name
a) Ursula b) Berger c) McKay d) Brooks
What school do you attend
Who is not a members of your Rica Team
a) Sariah b) Cathleen's c) Meghan d) Kim
What CalState term are you in
a) Term 1 b) Term 2 c) Term 3 d) Term 4
What is your instructor's name
a) Laura b) Sara c) Julie d) Sam
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