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Over 4000 miles long, this is the longest river on Earth. It flows north into the Med Sea.
a) Victoria b) Tanganyika c) Niger d) Nile
Camels and jeeps cross this huge desert made of gravel, rocky hills, and sand dunes. It's the largest in the world!
a) Kalahari b) Sahel c) Sahara d) Niger
This area has good farming when the rains come. It's home to elephants, zebras, and giraffes!
a) Sahel b) Sahara c) Atlas d) savanna
Dry semi-arid region; little rain... border area between desert and grassland
a) sahel b) savanna c) Sudan d) rain forest
The process of the desert expanding into areas that WERE farmland. People face hunger and hardship from this.
a) deforestation b) desertification c) irrigation d) oil delta
The triangular shaped mouth of the Niger River, where the petroleum industry is located.
a) Oil Delta b) Green Line c) Sahel d) rain forest
These mountains in the northwest corner of Africa separate the coastal area from the Sahara.
a) Sahel b) Kalahari c) Atlas d) Savanna
Nickname for the constantly moving strip of land that is a border area between the desert and cultivated land with more plant life.
a) savanna b) Sahara c) Sudan d) The Green Line
A period of very little rainfall is called a
a) silt b) drought c) Sahel d) rain forest
This lake is very deep and long.
a) Victoria b) Tanganyika c) Niger d) Sahel
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