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Why did Bob Ewell vow to get revenge on Atticus?
a) Atticus made him look like a fool in court and revealed his abuse b) Atticus mocked Bob's daughter, Mayella, in court c) Atticus was defending Bob Ewell and lost the case d) Atticus took his job and forced him out of his house
Jem has to read to Mrs. Dubose because he __________.
a) Called her a morphine addict to her face. b) Broke her window with a baton. c) Destroyed her camillia flowers d) Touched her house
Atticus used to be known as ________.
a) Goldfinch b) Ol' One Shot c) Ol' Fatso d) One Shot Wonder
Why does Tom Robinson die?
a) He is executed for raping Mayella Ewell b) He fought with Bob Ewell. c) He was lynched by the mob. d) He was shot while trying to escape from prison.
Atticus was a _____________.
a) Banker b) Farmer c) Lawyer d) Drunk
Charles Baker Harris was known to Scout and Jem as ________.
a) Charles b) Dill c) Cecil d) Charlie
Who was the mysterious neighbor that never came out of his house?
a) Boo Radley b) Nathan Radley c) Mr. Radley d) Mrs. Radley
Who did Scout make fun of when he was at the Finch's house for lunch?
a) Cecil Jacobs b) Walter Cunningham c) Little Chuck Little d) Boo Radley
Heck Tate is ____________.
a) The mayor b) The sheriff c) The prosecuter d) The judge
Miss Maudie is __________.
a) The town gossip b) The doctor's wife c) Scout and Jem's teacher d) The Finch's neighbor
Who is the narrator of the story?
a) Atticus Finch b) Jean Louise (Scout) Finch c) Jem Finch d) Boo Radley
What is the setting of the story?
a) Maycomb, Alabama b) Mayberry, Alabama c) Mayfield, Alabama d) Mayflower, Alabama
What is Boo Radley's real name?
a) Dill b) Nathan c) Cecil d) Arthur
Who is Dill?
a) Boo Radley b) The narrator of the story c) Scout and Jem's friend that come to stay in the summer d) A farm kid from school that Scout beats up
What did Dill dare Jem to do?
a) Eat a bar of soap b) Touch the Radley house c) Destroy Mrs. Dubose's flowers d) Go the the fishing hole at night
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