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To engage in a gang fight (slang)
a) rumble b) madras c) asset d) stocky
A type of wild cat having thick, soft fur, a short tail, and tufted ears (noun)
a) lynx b) cocky c) madras d) bawl
Solidly built; Sturdy ((adj)
a) bawl b) disgrace c) lope d) stocky
To run or ride steadily (verb)
a) stocky b) lope c) asset d) madras
Obnoxious; Conceited (adj)
a) content b) lynx c) cocky d) lope
To cry or sob loudly; wail (verb)
a) bawl b) lope c) stocky d) madras
A useful or valuable quality or thing; advantage (noun)
a) lynx b) stocky c) asset d) content
A cotton cloth of fine texture, usually with a plaid, striped or checked pattern (noun)
a) rumble b) lope c) bawl d) madras
Loss of honor, respect, or reputation; shame (noun)
a) madras b) disgrace c) lope d) stocky
Pleased with ; resigned to circumstances (adj)
a) content b) asset c) bawl d) cocky
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