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What class of Platyhelminthes includes the flukes?
a) Turbellaria b) Trematoda c) Cestoda d) Ascarid
What organ allows Planarians to excrete metabolic waste?
a) Pharynx b) Cilia c) Flame Cells d) Ganglia
Which class of Platyhelminthes are free living?
a) Turbellaria b) Cestoda c) Trematoda d) Trichinella
Which Phyla contains animals with a pseudocoelom?
a) Porifera b) Platyhelminthes c) Cnideria d) Nematoda
The Platyhelminthes ability to regenerate body parts is called?
a) Fission b) Fragmentation c) Regeneration d) Aggregation
Nematodes are usually?
a) Monoecious b) Asexual c) Dioecious d) Self-fertilizing
Which class is usually NOT parasitic?
a) Trematoda b) Turbellaria c) Cestoda d) Filarial
Which type of Nematode creates Elephantiasis
a) Trichinella b) Ascarid c) Filarial d) Hookworm
Most parasitic worms can be prevented by doing what?
a) By NOT consuming raw or undercooked food b) By killing every mosquito on the planet c) By not coming into contact with feces d) By never leaving your house
Respiration and Circulation are carried out by what process in Platyhelminthes and Nematoda?
a) Phagocytosis b) Organ systems c) Pinocytosis d) Diffusion
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