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Which of these is NOT one of the technological advancements that helped Europeans explore the world.
a) Compass b) Internet c) Astrolabe d) Cannon
Which of the following is NOT a reason why Europeans wanted to explore the world.
a) God b) Glory c) Gold and Government d) All of these are correct
According to the reading by Zahn, how did Columbus treat the Natives of America?
a) Well b) Cruely c) Liek good neighbors d) Like Kings
What is the name of the group that is fighting for the rights of the Indigenous people of Chiapas?
a) Contras b) Chiapers c) Zapatista d) E.L.O.
What was a difference between slaves in Africa and slaves brought to the Americas?
a) No difference b) slaves in America had more rights c) slaves in Africa had more rights d) Slaves only come from Asia
Which of these was NOT a problem that slaves had on their trips from Africa to America?
a) Not enough food b) Not enough water c) they were beaten d) all of these were problems
About how many slaves are there in the world today?
a) 100,000 b) 27 billion c) 1 million d) 27 million
What countries are involved in slavery today?
a) Sudan b) Thailand c) Russia d) All countries are involved
What did our class do to help stop modern slavery?
a) Nothing b) sold doughnuts and made signs c) had a sit in d) protested at the U.N.
Who discovered America
a) Columbus b) Murray c) Vasco De Gama d) Magellan
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