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Mark needs to align all the graphics along the left side of the page. Which guide does Mark need to use?
a) Page Guide b) Column Guide c) Gutter d) Ruler Guide
Joe is working with a desktop publishing document. He wants to move the text closer to the edge of the page. Which guide should he adjust to make the change?
a) Column b) Grid c) Margin d) Ruler
Heather is typing a magazine article and has come to the end of the page. She will continue the article on another page. Which desktop publishing special feature will she use to let readers know where to go to continue reading the article?
a) Caption b) JumpLine c) Pull Quote d) Sidebar
Taylor wrote an article for the school newspaper that was more than one page in length. She placed continued on p.2 at the end of the article on page one. This is an example of a:
a) Dropped Cap b) Jumpline c) Pull-Quote d) Sidebar
A description of the football team's victory appeared below their team picture in the school newspaper. This is an example of a/an:
a) End Sign b) Caption c) Deck d) Kicker
Cindy is creating a newsletter and wants to ensure that textboxes, images and other objects are organized throughout all the pages of the newsletter to create a consistent look and feel. Which desktop publishing tool can she use to accomplish this?
a) Column Guide b) Grid System c) Margin Guide d) Template
Karen made a sketch of a postcard she is creating in desktop publishing software for her peers to review. Which document design has she created?
a) Footer Page b) Header Page c) Master Page d) Prototype
Mark is using a preformatted layout for his presentation to achieve a consistent look and feel. Which layout option is he using?
a) Margin Guides b) Grid System c) Gutter d) Ruler Guides
Jenny is creating a publication and using a preformatted layout so the information can be filled into existing text boxes and graphic placeholders. This is an example of a:
a) Grid b) Guide c) Prototype d) Template
Luke is creating a school newsletter and begins the first paragraph with a large letter. This is an example of:
a) Graphics b) Bleed c) Caption d) Dropped Cap
Karen is creating a brochure and wants the company's phone number to show up in the same place on each page. In order to accomplish this, she should modify the:
a) Grid b) Master Page c) Mockup d) Prototype
Jessica placed her name below the headline of the article she has written. Which type of heading or subheading has she used?
a) Byline b) Deck c) Kicker d) Running Headlines and footers
What desktop publishing feature is used when the pages of a newspaper are numbered at the top of every page?
a) Caption b) Jumpline c) Running Headline d) Running Footer
Trey has placed a small graphic at the end of a magazine article. This is an example of a/an:
a) Byline b) End Mark c) Nameplate d) Sidebar
Eddie is creating a flyer for the chorus concert and wants to add clipart to make it more colorful. This is an example of a(n):
a) Graphics b) Bleed c) Sidebar d) Caption
Julie wants the same footer format and logo to display on every page of the desktop publishing document. Which document design is BEST to accomplish this?
a) Header Page b) Master Page c) Prototype d) Dummy Page
Sadie printed a sample copy of her class brochure to make sure everything was placed correctly and make sure there were no errors. This is an example of a:
a) Grid b) Master Page c) Prototype d) Template
Beth is creating a newsletter using desktop publishing software. She wants items to line up evenly. Which guide should she use?
a) Column b) Grid c) Margin d) Ruler
_______________ notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event.
a) Advertisement b) Infomercial c) Public Speaker d) Text Message
A Flyer should be exactly how many pages:
a) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 4
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