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Have you _______ my new coat?
a) seen b) scene c) d)
A _______ of silver ran through the rock.
a) vein b) vain c) d)
There are many _____ trees in the forest.
a) fur b) fir c) d)
I like the floral ______ of your perfume.
a) sent b) scent c) d)
Why is that ________ in the play?
a) scene b) seen c) d)
Mrs. Genovese is a woman of _____________.
a) principle b) principal c) d)
My cat has black _____.
a) fir b) fur c) d)
The ____________ visited our class today.
a) principal b) principle c) d)
Brian _______ his grandmother a letter.
a) scent b) sent c) d)
He tried in _______ to lift the heavy box.
a) vain b) vein c) d)
Who lives in the huge __________?
a) manner b) manor c) d)
Our plants ______ after the frost.
a) dyed b) died c) d)
There is only one __________in the closet.
a) hanger b) hangar c) d)
_________ going to the movies tonight?
a) Whose b) Who's c) d)
You have to pay a _______on those items.
a) tax b) tacks c) d)
That actor has a funny _________of speaking.
a) manor b) manner c) d)
The new plane is in the _________.
a) hanger b) hangar c) d)
We need a new box of ________.
a) tacks b) tax c) d)
Nora _______her shirt purple.
a) died b) dyed c) d)
______dad is driving us to the lake?
a) Who's b) Whose c) d)
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