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Which of the following is evidence that supports plate tectonics?
a) continental drift b) fossils on continents c) earthquakes and volcanoes d) all of the above
What evidence is there to support the existence of Pangaea?
a) mountain ranges b) fossil records c) continent shapes d) all of the above
Which of the following statements best describes the theory of continental drift?
a) the continents once formed a single landmass. broke up, and drifted to their present locations b) The continents never formed a single landmass, never broke up, and existed where they are today c) The continents formed two large landmasses that broke up and drifted to their present locations d) The continents formed a single landmass, but never broke up and moved to their present locations.
Which of the following is evidence that the earth changed slowly over time?
a) meteors b) fossil records c) comets d) wind
What is the atmosphere?
a) the layer of earth we stand on b) a layer of the inner core c) a mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth d) part of the ecosystem
What gas is most of the atmosphere made of?
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) neon d) argon
Why would solar powered energy for my home be better than oil?
a) less pollution b) reduction of fossil fuels c) renewable energy source d) all of the above
We can reduce our need for fossil fuels by developing ___________
a) alternative energy sources b) creating more pollution c) gasoline-powered cars d) using fossil fuels
which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
a) coal b) water c) wind d) sunlight
What is the preservation and wise use of natural resources called?
a) conservation b) ecology c) habitats d) biodiversity
which direction does a compass always point?
a) geomagnetic north b) geomagnetic south c) geomagnetic east d) geomagnetic west
Grass, trees, and flowers are best classified as which of the following types of organisms in a forest ecosystem?
a) consumer b) decomposers c) producers d) predators
Which of the following statements best describes symbiosis?
a) a disease found in humans b) when two things look symmetrical c) the relationship between two or more species d) species that create their own energy
Which living things in a pond's ecosystem break down dead plants and animals?
a) consumer b) decomposers c) producers d) predators
The major source of energy that causes weather on Earth
a) stars b) sun c) moon d) mountains
Why do extreme temperature changes rarely occur on land near large bodies of water?
a) water absorbs and releases heat slower than land b) there is less wind in the summer c) the location is a closer distance to the sun d) temperature doesn't change in the spring
Which process(es) is responsible for creating soil?
a) heat and pressure b) metamorphism c) eruption d) weathering and erosion
All tectonic plates are pieces of the __________________________.
a) mesosphere b) Lithosphere c) asthensophere d) outer core
Tectonic plates float on the top of the _______________________________________
a) mesosphere b) lithosphere c) asthenosphere d) outer core
Which layer of the atmosphere has the most air molecules?
a) troposphere b) exosphere c) lithosphere d) biosphere
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