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Who eventually backed Christopher Columbus on his plan to search for a faster route east?
a) Spain b) Portugal c) Italy d) England
What was the name of the land discovered by the Vikings?
a) Vinland b) Scottland c) New Spain d) France
Which explorer was given credit as the first to sail around the world?
a) Christopher Columbus b) Ferdinand Magellan c) Vasco Nunez de Balboa d) Samuel de Champlain
The exchange of ideas, foods, technology and diseases between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres is known as.....
a) The Great Awakening b) The Columbian Exchange c) The Great Migration d) The Middle Passage
What is the percentage of the modern-day food supply that came from the Native Americans?
a) 60% b) 50% c) 90% d) 10%
Which of the following is true about the discoveries of Columbus?
a) He never really reached the lands of the United States b) He died believing that he had reached Asia c) He discovered Cuba and not Asia d) All
Who are soldier-adventurers that came to the Americans for riches, glory, and to convert the Native Americans to Christianity?
a) Mestizos b) Conquistadors c) Explorers d) Mestizos
Which conquistador defeated the Aztecs by tricking the Aztec emperor Montezuma?
a) Pizarro b) Cortes c) Balboa d) de La Casas
Which of the following was a factor in the Spanish defeating the Aztecs and the Incas?
a) Horses b) All c) Technology d) Civil War
What were land grants that gave the Spanish the right to demand labor and taxes from the Native Americans?
a) Encomiendas b) Creoles c) Peninsulares d) All
What were large Spanish farms that had many laborers?
a) Missions b) Forts c) Plantations d) Encomiendas
Who was at the top of the Spanish social class system?
a) Native Americans b) Mestizos c) Peninsulares d) Creoles
What was the split between Catholics and the Protestants that increased tension throughout Europe?
a) The Reformation b) The Great Schism c) The Renaissance d) The Great Awakening
What new invention helped spread new ideas throughout Europe?
a) Triangular Sails b) The Astrolabe c) The Guttenberger d) The Printing Press
What stated that colonies existed to increas profit for their home country?
a) Communism b) Mercantilism c) Socialism d) Commercialism
What is a mythical waterway that encouraged many Europeans to explore the New World?
a) The Isthmus of Panama b) The Northwest Passage c) The Great Pass d) The Silk Road
The defeat of this allowed more European nations to explore the New World...
a) Martin Luther b) Spanish Armada c) The Catholic Church d) The Church of England
What is the French word that means runners of the woods?
a) Coureurs de bois b) a la minute c) chef d'oeuvre d) de La Sale
Which of the following was a way that the French and Dutch settlers hurt the Native Americans?
a) Diseases b) Over hunting and Fishing c) Caused fighting amongst different Native American Groups d) All
Name someone who explored for and expanded territory of New France...
a) La Salle b) Marquette c) Joilet d) All
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