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Pathway out of the body for waste, eggs, and sperm
a) Cloaca b) Esophagus c) Oviducts d) Gall Bladder
Removes Toxins, creates bile to help with digestion, and makes new blood
a) Spleen b) Gall Bladder c) Liver d) Pancreas
Stores Bile before it is needed for digestion
a) Pancreas b) Spleen c) Liver d) Gall Bladder
Recieves and pumps blood to the body
a) Heart b) Stomach c) Bladder d) Lungs
Breaks down food
a) Large intestine b) Esophagus c) Stomach d) Small intestine
Organ that separates wastes from WATER products
a) Stomach b) Kidneys c) Small intestine d) Bladder
Absorbs nutrients from digested food as it passes the food from the stomach to the large intestine
a) Bladder b) Stomach c) Small intestine d) Large intestine
Destroys old red blood cells
a) Spleen b) Pancreas c) Gall Bladder d) Kidneys
Secretes important digestive enzymes and hormones
a) Spleen b) Liver c) Pancreas d) Kidneys
Extracts water from feces
a) Small intestine b) Stomach c) Bladder d) Large intestine
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