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What was the lasting effect of the Peloponnesian War
a) A lot of people died b) Greece was weakened and divided and Macedonia was able to conquer c) Athens and Sparta joined forces to defend Greece against Macedonia d)
War fought between Sparta and Athens
a) Persian War b) Peloponnesian War c) Trojan War d)
Something left behind that influences future civlizations
a) Heirloom b) Artifact c) Fossil d) Legacy
Time Period when Greek ideas spread to non-Greek people
a) Classical b) Archaic c) Hellenistic d)
City founded by Alexander the Great. Know to be a center of learning
a) Alexandria b) Cairo c) Athens d) Constaninople
Known for writing Epic poetry. Wrote Iliad and Oyssey
a) Socrates b) Homer c) Aesop d) Euclid
Material that the Mycenaean civilization used in their artwork
a) Gold b) Silver c) Bronze d) Copper
This city state focused on creating good citizens
a) Sparta b) Athens c) d)
What island did the Minoans live on
a) Delos b) Crete c) Madagascar d) Sicily
League created after the Persian War to protect Greece from invasion
a) United Nations b) Attica League c) Peloponnesian League d) Delian League
City state who focused having a strong army
a) Sparta b) Athens c) d)
Independent cities and their surrounding area
a) city states b) capitals c) states d) empire
Type of Government created by Athens in which people rule
a) Oligarchy b) Democracy c) Tyranny d) Monarchy
This was the most important battle of the Persian War
a) Thermopylae b) Salamis c) Marathon d) Platae
This is the idea that citizens have an obligation to serve their country
a) Jury duty b) Democracy c) Civic Duty d) Honor system
This civilization was the first to arise in ancient Greece
a) Mycenaean b) Minoan c) Phoenician d) Dorian
War fought over a woman. May not have actually happend
a) Persian War b) Peloponnesian War c) Civil War d) Trojan War
The Current civilization we are studying
a) Greece b) Rome c) Egypt d) India
Which of the following would not be a legacy of Ancient Greece?
a) Olympics b) Mathematics c) Government d) War
Athenian Group that was made up of ALL citizens and met approximately 40 times a year
a) Council of 500 b) Assembly c) Public Courts d)
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