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The process used by plants to make energy
a) Photosynthesis b) Respiration c) Characteristic d) Heterotroph
Process used by animals to take in oxygen and use energy.
a) Respiration b) Photosynthesis c) Carbon Dioxide d) Physical Characteristics
Element taken in by animals
a) Oxygen b) Carbon Dioxide c) Autotroph d) Heterotroph
Compound taken in by plants
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Oxygen c) Glucose d) Characteristics
Organism that can make its own food
a) Autotroph b) Heterotroph c) Decomposer d) Consumer
Organism that cannot make its own food
a) Heterotroph b) Autotroph c) Producer d) Plant
The description of an organism
a) Characteristic b) Physical Characteristic c) Autotroph d) Evolve
The way an organism looks
a) Physical Characteristics b) Characteristics c) Evolve d) Symbiosis
to change
a) Evolve b) Symbiosis c) Characteristics d) Oxygen
A relationship between two organisms
a) Symbiosis b) Biome c) Response d) Evolve
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