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We can say with confidence that an organism has at least one
a) tissue b) organ c) cell d) virus
All new living things
a) develop through evolution b) come from other living things c) are spontaneously generated d) are created by God from nothing
If you study a robin and find that it has feathers and a beak, you could assume that other birds probably have these characteristics. This process is called
a) generalization b) specialization c) surveying d) discrimination
The classifying of organisms is called
a) speciation b) taxonomy c) cytology d) zoology
God commanded all living things to
a) evolve b) reproduce with variety c) produce a common ancestor d) reproduce after their kind
What language form is used in scientific names?
a) Spanish b) English c) Latin d) Greek
A scientific name is sometimes called the
a) common name b) genus species name c) greek name d) scientific word
Who invented the modern classification system
a) Aristotle b) Lylle c) Linnaeus d) Socrates
Alligator is an example of this
a) scientific name b) common name c) Kingdom d) plant
The material inside a cell is
a) cell membrane b) cytoplasm c) yolk d)
The ability to do work is
a) fit b) energy c) work d) kinesis
An organism made of only one cell
a) multicellular b) animal c) unicellular d) creature
A complete living thing is called
a) organism b) life cycle c) reproduction d) matter
The smallest classification level is
a) Phylum b) Class c) Genus d) Species
The successive stages of life is called
a) reproduction b) being a teenager c) a life cycle d) natural cycle
An organism is classified by its
a) biochemical balances b) physical characteristics c) ancestors d) genes
Which is a characteristic of life
a) reproduction b) responds to their environment c) growth d) all of the above
To arrange things into groups is called
a) differentiating b) summarizing c) classifying d) Biblical kinds
Which of the following is a true statement
a) An organism could be classified in more than one genus b) Once an organism has been classified, it can never have a change of name c) The common name is more accurate than the scientific name d) One problem with the classification system is that there are no clear definitions for the various taxa
An organism that can reproduce with other organisms in their group can be considered a
a) taxa b) Biblical kind c) species d)
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