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A big animal with long curved ivory tusks
a) Elephant b) Giant c) Rampant d)
A person skilled in accounting
a) Assisstant b) Giant c) Accountant d)
Of great authority and significance
a) Important b) Giant c) Tenant d)
Spectacular and lavish
a) Giant b) Extravagant c) Rampant d)
Empty or unocupied
a) Giant b) Tenant c) Vacant d)
Hair like organ on the heads of insects
a) Analepsis b) Anemic c) Antenna d)
The continent surrounding the South Pole
a) Africa b) Antartica c) North America d)
Chemical substance in the treatment of infections
a) Antibiotic b) Antartic c) Anemic d)
Object of art or piece of furniture highly valued
a) Antartic b) Antique c) Analeptic d)
A word directly opposite in meaning
a) Antartic b) Anthemn c) Antonym d)
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