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in a communist economy, who makes the decisions?
a) government b) citizens c) teachers d) bros
Communist economy is in what type of government?
a) limited b) unlimited c) d)
Why did this US put an emargo on Cuba?
a) Cuba had bad fashion sense b) Cuba was mean to the US c) Cuba was too far d) Cuba became communist
a) pick this b) c) d)
a) pick this b) c) d)
a) pick this b) c) d)
Communism means that everyone is equal
a) True b) False c) d)
a plan to make everyone equal
a) capitalism b) fosterism c) timmism d) communism
Which economic system do you get paid based on the amount/skill of work?
a) capitalism/market b) communism c) frat d) pulitzer
which one is true of a market economy but not a communist economy?
a) supply is determined by the government b) industrial production meets government quotas c) government exercises less control over economy d) government determines consumer product availability
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