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Who are the main characters of the book name
a) Meggie and Moe b) Gwen and Elinor c) Dustfinger and Gwen d) Capricorn and Gwen
Who was the shadowy figure lerking outside
a) Dustfinger b) Moe c) Gwen d) Meggie
To be dreaming or not paying attention is
a) absentminded b) perched c) gleam d) disguise
To be an animal
a) brute b) absentminded c) summons d) gleaming
what does Meggie and Moe Love to do
a) read books b) go bike riding c) go mountain climbing d) play football
What is Moe's other name
a) silver tongue b) snake c) shark's tooth d) eye of a tiger
Who did the shadowy figure come to warn Moe about
a) Capricorn b) flying horse c) bat d) flying monkey
What is do valuable that someone wants to take and Moe wants to protect
a) A special book b) a treasure chest c) a magic wand d) a magic lamp
Who does Meggie and Moe go visit
a) an aunt b) a brother c) an uncle d) a cousin
What is the relative's name
a) Elinor b) Eric c) Edger d) Evan
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