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to tell; to reveal (as a secret)
a) abet b) insipid c) coerce d) divulge
to assist (as in a crime)
a) dogmatic b) abet c) coerce d) divulge
extremely careful about small details
a) exteraneous b) temerity c) jaundiced d) meticulous
arrogant and stubborn about one's beliefs
a) dogmatic b) insipid c) jaundiced d) meticulous
lacking flavor; dull; boring
a) gregarious b) temerity c) insipid d) coerce
inessential; not necessary; extra
a) jaundiced b) dogmatic c) temerity d) extraneous
to force by using pressure or threats
a) coerce b) abet c) meticulous d) gregarious
prejudiced; hostile
a) coerce b) jaundiced c) dogmatic d) abet
recklessness; a foolish disregard of danger
a) divulge b) temerity c) dogmatic d) insipid
sociable; fond of the company of others
a) meticulous b) jaundiced c) extraneous d) gregarious
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