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What two parts of your body helps you hear sound?
a) ear canal and eustachian tube b) cochlea and optic nerve c) anvil and your nerve system d) the ear and the brain
Can you hear if you puncture your ear drum?
a) yes b) no c) d)
Hearing aids have a _________ to collect sound waves and an amplifier to give them more energy.
a) frequency b) amplifier c) wavelength d) receiver
The nerve signals are sent from the ______ to the brain and tells the brain what sound we hear.
a) cochlea b) eardum c) auditory nerve d) ear canal
The hammer, anvil, and stirrup are found in the?
a) outer ear b) pinna c) ear drum d) middle ear
The cochlea is found in the?
a) inner ear b) middle ear c) outer ear d) brain
Tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat is called?
a) auditory nerve b) eustachian tube c) inner ear d) middle ear
Snail shaped with sensitive hairs that send nerve signals to the auditory nerve.
a) the ear drum b) the pinna c) the cochlea d) auditory nerve
A tiny bone in the ear that passes vibrations from the hammer to the stirrup.
a) pitch b) anvil c) hammer d) cochlea
The three circle-like tubes that help us keep are balance are called?
a) semi-circular canals b) hammer c) anvil d) cochlea
What passes vibrations from the ear drum to the anvil?
a) cochlea b) hammer c) stirrup d) ear canal
What is the smallest bone in the body?
a) stirrup b) eardrum c) pinna d) hammer
Sound waves travel through the _____ which vibrates when sound strikes it.
a) hammer b) anvil c) ear drum d) pinna
Sound waves travel down the_________ to the ear drum.
a) cochlea b) ear canal c) cochlea d) auditory nerve
What part of the ear catches sound waves?
a) ear flap b) anvil c) hammer d) stirrup
The pinna is part of the
a) ear drum b) outer ear c) stirrup d) middle ear
Another name for ear flap is?
a) eardrum b) pinna c) sound d) sound waves
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