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Any solution where water is the solvent.
a) Dissociation b) Base c) Aqueous solution d) Acid
Which one is NOT true of bases?
a) Can taste bitter, sweetish, or salty b) turn Litmus Paper RED. c) feel slippery to the touch. d) Means same thing as alkaline
Which one is NOT true of the pH scale?
a) Expresses Hydrogen/Hydronium ion concentration b) Means “polar Hydrogen”. c) 7 to 14 is a stronger base d) pure water is a 7
Which property of water creates high surface tension?
a) Polarity b) Capillarity c) Adhesion d) Cohesion
Which property of water is this an example of? Plants have a xylem (straw-like tubes that carry water) where the water is pulled up.
a) Cohesion b) Adhesion c) Capillarity d) Polarity
Water’s role as a --?-- is what makes it essential for life.
a) Solvent b) Solute c) Substrate d) Solution
Which one allows water to dissolve molecules easily?
a) Polarity b) Capillarity c) Adhesion d) Cohesion
Polarity, Cohesion, Adhesion, and Capillarity are…
a) the ordinances of water. b) the types of water. c) the compounds of water. d) the properties of water.
When a water molecule breaks apart.
a) Buffer b) Aqueous solution c) capillarity d) Dissociation
A solid substance that gets dissolved.
a) Solution b) Solvent c) Solute d) Substrate
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