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Which memorization technique uses places to remember an order of events?
a) visualization b) pegword c) loci d) 4 line rhyme
Which memorization technique uses number words and words to rhyme with number words to remember topics in order?
a) Loci b) pegwords c) 4 line rhyme d) acronomyic sentence
Which type of graphic organizer works best for how facts and ideas relate to each other?
a) Thinking Tree b) Summary notes c) Key note cards d) Visualization
What type of organization in history reading uses chronological order?
a) timelines b) compare and contrast c) time order d) cause and effect
Where are the two common places a main idea can be found in a paragraph?
a) Heading and title b) first and last paragraph c) Middle and last sentence in paragraph d) first and last sentence in paragraph
What reading skill involves similarties and differences?
a) Compare and contrast b) Cause and Effect c) Problem and Solution d) Inferences
What are 3 steps in order to do AFTER reading?
a) reread, pause and refelct, remember b) remember, pause and reflect, reread c) plan, pause and reflect and reread d) pause and reflect, reread, remember
What are two steps in order to do DURING reading?
a) Connect, read with a purpose b) read with a purpose, connect c) connect, reread d) remember, reread
What are the 3 steps in order to do BEFORE reading?
a) Plan, preview, set a purpose b) preview, set a purpose, plan c) set a purpose, preview, plan d) reread, plan, preview
The 5 W questions are suggested as what part of the reading process for history?
a) setting a purpose b) Pause and reflect c) connect d) Remember
Which element of the textbook emphasizes key points and add interest
a) photos b) index c) maps d) table of contents
Which type of graphic organizer shows how LOTS of facts and ideas fit together
a) webs b) timeline c) cause and effect d) compare and contrast
A reading skill that makes judgments from what you read
a) evaluate b) compare and contrast c) inference d) drawing conclusions
A reading skill that takes all information you read and understanding how it all relates
a) drawing conclusions b) inferences c) cause and effect d) compare and contrast
A reading skill where you determine an answer from what you read and what you know
a) inference b) compare and contrast c) evaluate d) cause and effect
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