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King _______________ punished the Jews of Judah when they refused to pay taxes.
a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Sargon c) Nabonidus d) Gilgamesh
When Jews of Jerusalem rebelled against the Babylonians, they were _____________.
a) Made to pay a fine b) all killed c) given a new homeland in Sumeria d) sold into slavery
The _____________ are famous for achievements in astronomy and math.
a) Assyrians b) Babylonians c) Akkadians d) None of these
King Tiglath-Pileser III ruled the ________ Empire.
a) Babylonian b) Assyrian c) Sumerian d) Catal Huyuk
Built the Assyrian Empire into a trade and military power
a) Sargon b) Shamshi-Adad c) Hammurabi d) Nebuchadnezzar
Created the world's first empire by conquering Sumeria
a) Sargon b) Shamshi-Adad c) Nebuchadnezzar d) Hammurabi
Created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and rebuilt the ziggurat
a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Hammurabi c) Shamshi-Adad d) Nabonidus
Created the Babylonian Empire
a) Nebuchadnezzar b) Sargon c) Hammurabi d) None of these
First became king by murdering the king of Kish
a) Sargon b) Shamshi-Adad c) Hammurabi d) Nebuchadnezzar
Developed and made public an organized system of laws
a) Sargon b) Hammurabi c) Shamshi-Adad d) Nebuchadnezzar
Sumerian city-states were first ruled by
a) gods b) administrators c) priests d) nomads
Cuneiform writing was
a) wedge-shaped writing b) first used for trade c) recording religious ceremonies d) Two answers are correct
The economy of Catal Huyuk was based on
a) trade b) agriculture c) hunting and gathering food d) All are correct
In early civilization, irrigation helped to all EXCEPT
a) development of stone tools b) grow more food c) create more jobs d) bring fresh water
Each Sumerian city-state was ruled by
a) a king b) a Mesopotamian central government c) a Mesopotamian governor d) gods and goddesses
Catal Huyuk was
a) the earliest Mesopotamian city-state b) an early Neolithic farming town in Turkey c) an early Mesopotamian empire d) an early Neolithic farming town in Mesopotamia
The climate of early Mesopotamia was
a) hot, dry weather all year b) hot, dry summers with flooding in spring and fall c) rain and flooding all year d)
Mesopotamians relied on
a) Tigris River b) Euphrates River c) The Nile River d) Both the Tigris and the Euphrates
Polytheism is
a) Belief in one god b) Belief in a few gods c) Belief in no gods d) Belief in many gods
All are Sumerian achievements EXCEPT
a) Paper b) Irrigation System c) System of Writing d) 60 minute hour
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