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extreme sorrow or pain
a) vanity b) anguish c) indomitable d) luxurious
unable to be conquered or frightened
a) vanity b) peculiar c) perilous d) indomitable
with certainty: determinedly
a) exclamations b) decisively c) perilous d) flanks
stiff; unmoving
a) gestured b) luxurious c) rigid d) courteous
a) roust b) perilous c) courteous d) rigid
strange; odd
a) vanity b) anguish c) peculiar d) teeming
to disturb
a) vanity b) courteous c) rigid d) roust
used the hands or body to
a) exclamations b) gesture c) perilous d) anguish
a) roust b) rigid c) teeming d) luxurious
a) teeming b) perilous c) flanks d) indomitable
concern about one's appearance; excessive pride
a) vanity b) decisively c) exclamations d) roust
protests; sudden shouts of surprise , anger, or excitement
a) courteous b) indomitable c) decisively d) exclamations
polite; well-mannered
a) courteous b) anguish c) peculiar d) perilous
overflowing with a large quanity
a) peculiar b) roust c) teeming d) perilous
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