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An orderly, systematic approach to problem solving is called the
a) experiment b) conclusion c) hypothesis d) scientific method
The factor being tested in the experiment is the
a) hypothesis b) control c) variable d) problem
Recorded observations and measurements are called
a) data b) conclusion c) graphs d) variables
Scientists must always analyze the results of an experiment before they make
a) data b) conclusions c) graphs d) variables
A ___________ is a proposed solution to a scientific method.
a) data b) idea c) theory d) hypothesis
Before designing an experiment, it is important to gather information by doing some
a) control b) organize c) research d) variable
In many experiments, an experimental group receives a treatment; the results are compared to results of a(n) _____________ group that receives no treatment.
a) experimental b) hypothesis c) research d) control
In experiments in which a lot of data is recorded, it is important to have a way to _____________ the data.
a) hypothesis b) organize c) variable d) scientific method
Recorded observations that often involve measurements are called________ data.
a) qualitative b) variable c) control d) quantitative
Which plant is the experimental group? Plant A: water+ sun+fertilizer or Plant B: water+sun
a) Plant A b) Plant B c) d)
Which plant is the control group? Plant A: water+sun+fertilizer or Plant B: water+ sun
a) Plant A b) Plant B c) d)
A beaker is used for
a) finding the volume of the unmarked bottle b) comparison with the unknown liquid c) experiments with the unknown liquid d)
Measurements are important to science because they allow us to
a) quantify observations b) compare observations c) Both quantify and compare observations d)
Scientific measuring tool that measures in grams?
a) balance b) graduated cylinder c) test tube d) microscope
Scientific measuring tool that measures using milliliters?
a) balance b) meter stick c) graduated cylinder d) tape measure
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