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This popular food was made in 1889 and tastes so great in New York!!
a) pizza b) brownies c) chicken fingers d) hamburgers
If you put slices of this on your eyes this is a great moisturizer!!!
a) strawberries b) peppers c) cucumbers d) bananas
If you eat this it will make you feel better and happy.
a) strawberries b) bananas c) tomatos d) noodles
If you put this in your hair it makes it soft and shiny
a) strawberries b) bananas c) cantelope d) avacado
If you rub this on your face it makes it soft and zit free!!!
a) bananas b) avacados c) blueberries d) honeydew
What is the only food that does not spoil??
a) soup b) crackers c) honey d) chips
This is nine thousand years old someone discovered!!!
a) chip b) tic-tac c) mint d) gum
Daniel Peter made this yummy but junky food.
a) hot chocolate b) milk chocolate c) chips d) dark chocolate
This has zero trans fat and is a veggie
a) carrots b) celery c) broccoli d) none of these
These people use about 45 billion chopsticks per year!!!
a) Japenese b) Europe c) Chinese d) Korea
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