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What does NOT describe limited government
a) leader has full control b) limited governments have a law making body such as parliament c) there are restraints placed on on the authority of the ruler d) the most common form of limited government in the 1600s/1700s were constitutional monarchies
Which description below does NOT describe unlimited governmen?
a) leader has full control b) most common form were absolute monarchies c) a tyrant can take power d) all of the above describe unlimited government
What is a new way of thinking in Math and Science in the 1500s/1600s?
a) Scientific Method b) Scientific Revolution c) Separation of Powers d) Federalism
Which theory states the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun?
a) geocentric b) big bang c) heliocentric d) relativity
The original question, hypothesis, experimentation and analysis of data are part of:
a) Scientific Method b) Scientific Revolution c) Heliocentric Theory d) None of the aove
Which scientist faced harassment and excommunication from the church for his teachings?
a) Galileo b) Copernicus c) Einstein d) Edison
What was the intellectual movement which applied reason to society and politics?
a) Scientific Method b) Scientific Revolution c) The Enlightenment d) The Social Contract Theory
Which theory stated that citizens and government had an agreement that would benefit both groups?
a) Heliocentric b) Geocentric c) Social Contract d) None of the above
Which thinker influenced the American Patriots in the writing of the Declaration of Independence?
a) Rousseau b) Locke c) Voltair d) Montesquieu
Which thinker influenced totalitarian governments?
a) Rousseau b) Voltaire c) Montesquieu d) Locke
Which thinker promoted separation of powers?
a) Voltaire b) Locke c) Mostesquieui d) Rousseau
Which thinker promoted a separation of church and state?
a) Locke b) Voltaire c) Montesquieu d) Rousseau
Which British Monarch was involved in a struggle with parliament over the ability to exercise his divine right?
a) James I b) James II c) Charles I d) Charles II
John Hampden was convicted of not paying a tax on this item:
a) tea b) ship c) stamps d) sugar
What was the purpose of the New Model Army?
a) King Charles I's Army who beheaded Oliver Cromwell b) Oliver Cromwell's Army who fought the royalist forces of King Charles I c) The Army of the Commonwealth which held back the arrival of King James II d) The royal forces that beheaded Charles II on behalf of William and Mary
Who was overthrown during the Glorious Revolution
a) James I b) James II c) Charles I d) Charles II
What was the purpose of the English Bill of Rights
a) ensured William and Mary would have limited power as monarchs b) established the Commonwealth as the new government of England c) continued the tradition of divine right in England established by the Magna Carta d) allowed all British citizens to participate in Parliament
What influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution along with the American and French Revolutions?
a) Scientific Revollution b) Scientific Method c) The Enlightenment d) All of the above
What best describes a constitution?
a) written/unwritten form of government b) creates a relationship between the government and its people c) makes the government legitimate or legal d) All of the above
Splitting of powers between the three branches of government
a) Absolutism b) Federalism c) Separation of Powers d) None of the above
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