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The hero was small and young. He was very brave.
a) and b) or c) but d) when
She fell in love with the prince. He fell in love with her.
a) and b) or c) but d) while
You can fight the dragon. You can run away.
a) or b) what c) and d) but
He saw the woman in the tower. He wanted to save her.
a) but b) or c) and d) while
The wolf knocked on the pig's door. They wouldn't let him in.
a) or b) and c) meant d) but
Fairy tales and other old stories are sometimes very scary.
a) Compound Sentence b) Simple Sentence c) and d) but
The dragon is killed, and everybody lives happily ever after.
a) Simple Sentence b) Compund Sentence c) Maybe d) On
Fairy tale heroes are often in danger, but they usually win in the end.
a) Simple Sentence b) Complete Sentence c) Compound Sentence d) Difficult Sentence
Witches, giants, or trolls can give little children nightmares.
a) Simple Sentences b) Compund Sentence c) Difficult Sentence d) Long Sentence
Fairy Tales are very old.
a) Simple Sentence b) Compund Sentence c) Complete Sentence d) Little Sentence
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