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An Operating System allows you to interact with your hardware and run programs, Software are the programs on your computer, and the Internet is accessed using Software on your Computer.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of the following devices IS NOT and Output Device?
a) Headphones b) Keyboard c) Monitor d) Printer
Any device capable of getting data out or outputting information from a computer.
a) Input Device b) CPU c) Operating System d) Ouput Device
Which of the following devices IS NOT an Input Device?
a) Microphone b) Mouse c) Headphones d) Keyboard
Any device capable of entering data or inputting information into a computer.
a) Input Device b) Software c) RAM d) Ouput Device
A network that connects millions of computers around the world.
a) Software b) Operating System c) Internet d) Hard Drive
Short for Central Processing Unit, a chip that functions as the brains of the computer.
a) RAM b) CPU c) Output Device d) Operating System
Short for Random Access Memory, a type of computer memory that is used for short-term data storage.
a) RAM b) CPU c) Hard Drive d) Hardware
The software that allows you to interact with the computer and run the programs on it.
a) Software b) Ouput Device c) Operating Software d) RAM
The hardware component of a computer where it stores data for long-term use.
a) Hardware b) Internet c) RAM d) Hard Drive
The physical components of a computer, usually contained within the computer's main case or tower.
a) Software b) Hardware c) Hard Drive d) CPU
A set of instructions written in computer code that tells your device's hardware what to do, the computer's programs.
a) Software b) Operating System c) Hardware d) Input Device
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