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In a unitary government who holds most of the power?
a) Individual voters b) Local governments c) Central governments d) Both central and regional
In a confederation government, who holds most power?
a) individual voters b) local governments c) central governments d) both central and local
Who holds most power in federal?
a) The president b) Local governments c) Central governments d) Power is shared
What makes important decisions in an autocratic goverment?
a) The courts b) The people c) One ruler d) The legislature
Who makes most decisions in an oligarchic gov system?
a) Citizens b) Judges and lawyers c) A king and the family d) A group of powerful leaders
a) a b) c) d)
a) b) b c) d)
a) b) c) c d)
a) b) c) d d)
a) z b) c) d)
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