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A good source of Vitamin D is
a) Sunny Delight and HI-C b) Orange Juice and steak c) Sunshine and milk d) Egg whites and hamburger
This vitamin helps protect our eyes against night blindness
a) Folate b) Vitamin K c) Vitamin A d) Vitamin D
One of the following does not need to be replaced every day because your body stores excess in your fat
a) Vitamin A b) Vitamin C c) Vitamin B-12 d) Vitamin B-6
These types of vitamins need to be replaced every day because excess amounts leave your body
a) Vitamin A b) Fat soluble vitamins c) Vitamin E d) Water soluble vitamins
This nutrient helps blood to clot
a) vitamin K b) calcium c) vitamin E d) vitamin D
This mineral is an important part of your blood-making hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the cells and is needed to prevent anemia
a) Iron b) Calcium c) Vitamin A d) Vitamin D
The job of this nutrient is to keep us warm and carries vitamin A,D,E,K
a) proteins b) vitamins c) fat d) minerals
Carbohydrates can be broken down into two categories
a) simple and complex b) sugars and minerals c) starches and minerals d) vitamins and minerals
Energy obtained from starches release
a) quickly b) slowly c) moderately d) none of the answers
This nutrient is necessary for everyone, but especially pregnant women because it prevents damage to the brain and spinal cord of an unborn baby
a) Folate (Folic Acid) b) Vitamin K c) Biotin d) Vitamin D
This nutrient can be broken into two categories; complete and incomplete. Complete supplies you with all essential amino acids, and incomplete only gives you specific amino acids.
a) carbohydrates b) fats c) vitamins d) proteins
This mineral helps strengthen bones and if you don't get enough of it can lead to osteoporosis (brittle bones)
a) fat soluble vitamins b) iron c) calcium d) potassium
This mineral helps you teeth resist decay, and sources of this nutrient are city water, toothpaste, and some mouthwashes
a) fluoride b) calcium c) iron d) sodium
This vitamin promotes healthy gums and tissues and helps heal wounds and helps broken bones mend. Some sources are citrus fruits
a) Vitamin C b) Vitamin B c) Vitamin A d) Vitamin D
The purpose of this substance is to keep your digestive system regular. It is not a nutrient, and is sometimes called roughage (we looked at the peas sitting in water to learn this concept)
a) Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) b) HDL c) Cholesterol d) Fiber
One of the many functions that the different B-vitamins have in common is
a) Helping release energy from food and healthy nervous systems b) Promoting growth c) Strengthening bones d) Strengthening muscles
This nutrient is needed for muscle strength and contraction and one main source is bananas
a) Sodium b) Potassium c) Fats d) Vitamin E
Good Cholesterol is known as
a) HDL b) LDL c) HLD d) DLL
Bad cholesterol puts plaque into your ____________ which can lead to stress on your heart
a) heart b) brain c) arms d) arteries
The best type of fat for you is
a) Saturated b) Polyunsaturated c) Monounsaturated d) Trans fats
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