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Land Surrounded on threes side by water is called...
a) A Peninsula b) An Island c) An Isthmus d) A Strait
Where were the Maya and Aztec Empires located?
a) Canada b) Central America c) Southereastern United States d) Southwestern Europe
The Longhouse was a type of dwelling used by the
a) Seminoles b) Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) c) Nez Perce d) Pueblos
Many anthropologists believe that people from Asia crossed a land bridge to North America to
a) Escape Religious persecution b) Hunt migrating animals c) Capture native peoples d) Search for gold
One way in which the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas were similar is that they
a) Traveled to the Western Hemisphere from Africa b) Had developed advanced civilizations before the arrival of Columbus c) Settled in the desert of the southwest United States d) Left no evidence to help us understand their cultures
According to many anthropologists, a land bridge during the Ice Age allowed migration between which two continents?
a) South America and North America b) North America and Europe c) Asia and North America d) Europe and Asia
Which situation provides the best evidence that the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) adapted to their physical environment?
a) Living in longhouses made of wood and bark b) Speaking a language different from that of their neighbors c) Developing an allianace with the Algonquins d) Woman chose chiefs as part of the governing process
What is the primary method archaeologists use to study history?
a) Reading diaries of a given group b) Examining artifacts of a specific people c) Observing people in their natural environment d) Practicing local customs of people
Which adaptation to the environment is illustrated by the Iroquois use of the Longhouse
a) Buffalo for clothing and shelter b) Horses for transportation c) Trees as building materials d) Iron for tools and weapons
Mountains, hills, plains, and plateaus are examples of
a) Mineral resources b) Political barriers c) Vegetation d) Landforms
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