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Solve the following equation 5(3x - 4) - 2(4x + 1) = -36
a) x = -2 b) x = 2 c) x = 4 d) x = -4
Solve the following equation 5x + 2 - 3x + 6 = 2(x + 4)
a) Infintely Many solutions b) One Solution x = 8 c) One solution x = 4 d) No Solutions
Solve the following when f(x) = g(x) when f(x) = 4.8x + 5 and g(x) = 2(2.4x +5)
a) Infinitely many solutions b) One solution: x = 5 c) No solutions d) One solution x = 2
You go to a baseball game. You ate 4 hot dogs and a order of nachos. The nachos cost $3. Write an equation to find out the cost of one hotdog if you spent $15 total.
a) $12 b) $3 c) $4 d) $6
To find the Area of a rectangle you do length times width. The Area of a square is 1500 square feet. The length is represented by x + 20 and the width is 30 feet long. Write and solve an equation to find x.
a) x = 40 b) x = 50 c) x = 30 d) x = 20
The sum of angles a, b and c all add up to 180 degrees. The measure of angle a is 54 degrees; the angle of measure of angle b is (6x + 1) degrees and angle c is 25x + 1. Write and solve an equation to find x.
a) x = 0 b) x is about 5.8 c) x = 4 d) x = 5
Darryl is riding a motorcycle for 6 total miles on a dirt road. He rides the first 1.5 miles in 0.5 minutes. He rides the remainder of the rode in 1.5 minutes. What was his average rate of speed?
a) 3 miles per minute b) 1.25 miles per minute c) 1 mile per minute d) 2 miles per minute
A car travels for 1/2 an hour at 30 miles per hour. Then, it changes it's speed because the speed limit changed to 55 miles per hour and then the car travels at that speed for 1/5 of an hour. What was the car's total distance travelled?
a) 335 miles b) 215 miles c) 4 miles d) 26 miles
The Ferrari's max speed is 228mph. At this speed without stopping, what is the total number of miles that the ferrari will travel in 2 days?
a) 5472 miles b) 10,994 miles c) 456 miles d) 4.75 miles
Solve the following equation 3(6x + 2) - (12 - x) = 51
a) Infinitely Many Solutions b) x = -3 c) x = 3 d) No solutions
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