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a glacial deposit that is sorted into layers based on the size of the rock material
a) stratified drift b) igneous drift c) d)
Which type of moraine forms along each side of a glacier?
a) ground moraine b) lateral moraine c) terminal moraine d) medial moraine
unsorted rock material deposited directly by ice as it melts
a) pebbles b) till c) d)
What type of glacier covers huge areas of land?
a) tille b) morain c) continental d) alpine
Which type of moraine forms from unsorted materials left beneath a glacier?
a) lateral moraine b) medial moraine c) terminal morain d) ground moraine
all material carried and deposited by glaciers
a) clean sweep:) b) glacial drift c) d)
a gigantic mass of moving ice
a) glacier b) ice cub:) c) d)
What type of glacier forms in a mountainous area?
a) continential b) apline c) till d) moraine
What are sharp, pyramid-shaped peaks formed by alpine glaciers called?
a) aretes b) horns c) cirques d) U-shapted valleys
What are the jagged ridges that form on mountains called?
a) rifts b) aretes c) horns d) U-shaped valleys
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