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Which two kingdoms have organisms that use extracellular digestion?
a) Protista and Fungi b) Archaebacteria and Eubacteria c) Fungi and Animalia d) Plantae and Monera
An organism with spiny skin and a water vascular system would be placed in which kingdom?
a) Animalia b) Fungi c) Protista d) Eubacteria
Which kingdom is most closely related to the fungi?
a) Plantae b) Animalia c) Protista d) Archaebacteria
Which kingdom has developed most recently in Earth's history?
a) Archaebacteria b) Plantae c) Animalia d) Fungi
Bacteria that convert milk into yogurt would be placed into which Kingdom?
a) Eubacteria b) Protista c) Monera d) Archaebacteria
Which kingdom contains the most complex organisms?
a) Insecta b) Molusca c) Protista d) Animalia
Autotrophs would be found in what kingdoms?
a) Protista only b) Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, and Plantae c) Monera d) Animalia only
To what kingdom would organisms living in thermal ocean vents be found?
a) Archaebacteria b) Echinodermata c) Protista d) Animalia
Which kingdom contains organisms that have jointed appendages?
a) Fungi b) Archaebacteria c) Animalia d) Plantae
Which kingdom contains the organisms that do not
a) Eubacteria b) Protista c) Plantae d) Fungi
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