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It is the mores deemed so vital to dominant interests that they become translated into legal formalizations that even non-members of society are required to obey.
a) A. Mores b) B. Norms c) C. Laws d)
It is the rules and expectations by which a society guides the behavior of its members.
a) A. Laws b) B. Norms c) C. Mores d)
Defined as culturally defined standards of desirability, goodness and beauty, which serve as broad guidelines for social living.
a) A. Values b) B. Ideas c) C. Accounts d)
The ff. are the components of components except one:
a) A. Psychomotor b) B. Cognitive c) C. Communication d)
Characteristic of culture that is an ideal pattern of behavior which the members are expected to follow.
a) A. Cultures change b) B. Culture is ideational c) C. Culture is learned d)
One of the characteristics of culture that is stored and passed on from one generation to the next, and new knowledge is being added to what is existing.
a) A. Culture is dynamic b) B. Culture is learned c) C. Culture is cumulative d)
The ff. are the characteristics of culture except:
a) A. Culture is learned b) B. Culture is dynamic c) C. Culture is abstract d)
It refers to th attitudes, values, customs and behavior patterns that characterize a social group.
a) A. School b) B. Culture c) C. Church d)
It is the study of word meanings and word combinations.
a) A. Semantics b) B. Pragmatics c) C. Phonology d)
The system of sounds that a particular language uses.
a) A. Phonology b) B. Pragmatics c) C. Grammar d)
It consists of rules for the use of appropriate language in particular contexts.
a) A. Phonology b) B. Pragmatics c) C. Grammar d)
It describes the structure of a language.
a) A. Phonology b) B. Pragmatics c) C. Grammar d)
The ff. are the developments that illustrate the impact of information technology on communication except:
a) A. Blogging b) B. Facebook c) C. E-mail d)
The ff. are the areas of language except:
a) A. Semantics b) B. Pragmatics c) C. Paralanguage d)
It is the low level of language.
a) A. Paralanguage b) B. Language c) C. Gstures d)
Th ff. are the barriers of communication except:
a) A. Peacful night b) B. Lack of credibility of sender c) C. Semantics d)
It is an abstract system of word meaning and symbols for all aspects of culture.
a) A. Paralanguage b) B. Language c) C. Gestures d)
It is the customary behavior patterns or folkways which have taken on a moralistic value.
a) A. Norms b) B. Laws c) C. Mores d)
These are highly scripted ceremonies or strips of interaction that follow a specific sequence of actions.
a) A. Folkways b) B. Rituals c) C. Norms d)
It is the process of learning some new traits from another culture.
a) A. Acculturation b) B. Assimilation c) C. Enculturation d)
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