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When learning to type, people usually learn _____ the keys are quickly
a) What size b) where c) what color d) how to press
Developing typing technique can be compared to what other activity
a) eating b) sleeping c) practicing d) reading
what is the basic minimum typing speed required by many employers?
a) 80 words per minute b) 40 words per minute c) 20 words per minute d) 10 words per minute
Effective typing speeds should be at least ___ to ___ times your handwriting speed
a) 7 to 8 b) 3 to 4 c) 5 to 10 d) 1 to 2
There is a benefit to learning to type properly
a) No b) Yes c) Nah d) It's doubtful
Developing good typing technique can be compared to
a) eating a sandwhich b) dipping ice cream c) playing basketball d) riding a bike
When typing for extended periods of time, which of these is recommended?
a) Taking frequently breaks b) Never taking breaks c) Talking a lot d) Slouching in your chair
How many times has the design of the QWERTY keyboard been changed
a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3
When do most people realize there is a problem with their posture or positioning at the keyboard?
a) When a health problem arises b) Before a health problem arises c) When the computer tells them d) Never
Originally, the QWERTY keyboard was designed for which device?
a) Cell phone b) ATM c) Ipad d) Type Writer
How many keys are on the QWERTY keyboard
a) 111 b) 96 c) 26 d) 101
Which term is described as: the study of people's efficiency in their work environment
a) ergomethods b) ergology c) ergoethics d) ergonomics
what is the name of the keyboard on your machine?
a) DOVARK keyboard b) Ken the Keyboard c) QWERTY Keyboard d) ASDFJKL: keyboard
Which finger should be used to strike the Y key
a) right pointer finger b) left pointer finger c) left middle finger d) any finger you want
which finger should be used to strike the N
a) right thumb b) left thumb c) right pointer finger d) left pointer finger
which finger should be used to strike the Q
a) right pinky b) left pinky c) thumb d) left ring finger
which finger should be used to strike the B key
a) left pointer finger b) left thumb c) right pointer finger d) right thumb
which of these will hurt developing good typing speed
a) thinking about what you are typing b) practicing correct technique c) Looking at your hands d) using all your fingers on the keys
what type of learning is involved with learning to type?
a) Motor Learning b) Bicycle learning c) Key learning d) timing learning
In terms of typing, what is the only thinking that should be done
a) where the keys are b) when to press the keys c) how hard to press the keys d) what the content will be
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