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Where is Jamestown located?
a) Off the coast of Massachusetts b) Florida c) Virginia d) Maryland
Who was considered a strong Jamestown leader who traded with the Natives, made maps, and forced all colonists to work?
a) John Rolfe b) Captain Perry c) William Bradford d) John Smith
What crop did John Rolfe start planting to help Jamestown make a profit?
a) Cotton b) Sugar c) Cocoa d) Tobacco
Which of the following best describes the Jamestown settlers relationship with the Native Americans?
a) They were allies and trading partners b) They were mortal enemies c) They had a rocky relationship in which they were trading partners in some periods and enemies in others d) They lived far away from one another so it didn't really matter
What was the name of the man who married Pocahontas and brought peace between the settlers and Natives in Jamestown?
a) John Smith b) John Rolfe c) John Winthrop d) Captain Perry
Which of the following was NOT a problem faced by Jamestown settlers?
a) A large fire that destroyed many supplies b) Extremely hot summers, and brutally cold winters c) Poor leadership d) A flood
What type of land was Jamestown located on?
a) A swampy peninsula b) A sandy island c) A rocky mountain d) A flat inland forest
Who was the chief of the local Native tribe near Jamestown?
a) Powhatan b) Squanto c) Tecumseh d) Metacom
Which country set up the colony of Jamestown?
a) United States b) France c) Spain d) England
What was the name of the first English colony in North America that failed when all the people disappeared?
a) Jamestown b) Plymouth c) Roanoke d) St. Augustine
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