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What are the four countries who are primarily responsible for exploring and colonizing North America?
a) France, United States, Spain, Portugal b) Spain, France, England, Netherlands c) Dutch, Spain, Netherlands, England d) Sweden, Spain, England, France
Which country defeated the Spanish Armada (fleet of ships) and was responsible for attacks on the Spanish fort at St. Augustine?
a) Netherlands b) France c) England d) Portugal
Which of the following country had a strong trading relationship with the Natives and later became allies in war?
a) France b) Spain c) Netherlands d) England
Which country conquered the Native Aztecs and Incas in present day Mexico and South America?
a) Portugal b) Mexico c) Spain d) England
Which country dealt with almost immediate attacks from the Natives once arriving in North America to colonize?
a) France b) England c) Spain d) Netherlands
Which of the following was a reason that all four countries shared in their desire to explore and colonize North America?
a) Gold b) Trade c) Religious freedom d) Northwest Passage to Asia
Which country discovered gold and motivated other countries to join in the exploration of North America?
a) England b) France c) Spain d) Sweden
Which country was motivated to explore in hopes of becoming a commerical power, and become a leader in trade?
a) Netherlands b) Sweden c) France d) England
What country explored parts of modern day Canada and the Atlantic coast of North America?
a) Spain b) France c) England d) Sweden
What country explored modern day Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Southwest portion of North America?
a) Spain b) France c) Netherlands d) Portugal
What country explored and settled a small part of the Atlantic coast in modern-day New York and New Jersey?
a) Spain b) France c) England d) Netherlands
What country explored parts of Canada, the MIssissippi River area, and Florida?
a) Spain b) France c) England d) Sweden
Which country took over the area controlled by the Dutch (New Amsterdam) after attacking them?
a) Spain b) France c) England d) Sweden
Which two countries faced struggles with the environment where they settled?
a) Spain and France b) France and England c) Netherlands and England d) Spain and England
What country did the Spanish push out of Florida?
a) France b) United States c) England d) Portugal
What country explored in hopes of converting native people to Christianity?
a) Portugal b) Sweden c) England d) France
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