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What is biodiversity?
a) Life b) Difference of Life c) Similarity of Life d) No Life
The Hydrologic Cycle is also known as the...
a) Carbon Cycle b) Hyphonic Cycle c) Water Cycle d) Hydropoliamic Cycle
How do humans impact the Carbon Cycle?
a) They use too much ketchep b) About half of the carbon emitted by us goes up into the atmosphere. c) The amount of animals they breed d) Humans don't care at all- simple as that.
What is the chemical formula for photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Dixide + Sugar = Water + Oxygen b) Oxygen + Carbon Dioxide = Water + Sugar c) Oxygen + Sugar = Water + Carbon dioxide d) Carbon Dioxide + Water = Sugar + Oxygen
In photosynthesis, what is sunlight transfered into?
a) Water, for the organism to drink b) Energy, for the organism to use c) Carbon Dioxide, for the organism to release d) It doesn't transfer at all, it just gets bounced off of the organism
a) Choose this one! b) - c) - d) -
a) - b) - c) Choose this one! d) -
a) - b) - c) - d) Choose this one!
a) - b) Choose this one! c) - d) -
a) Choose this one! b) - c) - d) -
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