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If you were unemployed and needed health insurance, you would have to obtain your own insurance. This is called:
a) Private insurance b) Mangaed care c) Medicaid d) Managed care
A privated hospital gets money from
a) Profits b) Medicare c) USDHHS d) Taxes
If your hospital bill excceds the amount your insurance pays, the hospital will not charge you. What is this called?
a) HMO b) PPO c) DRG d) EPA
If you accidently stick yourself with a needle and contract a disease, to whom should this incident be reported?
a) CDC b) EPA c) FDA d) OSHA
Which agency lists the immunization required to attend public schools?
If a person or family member is in the military and get sick, his medical expenses will be covered by:
a) Tricare b) Medicare c) Medicaid d) Medigap
If you work at a large compay, what type of insureance might you have?
a) Group insurance b) Meidcare c) Tricare d) Worker's comp
Ordering a large amount of supplies to get them cheaper is an example of which trend?
a) Cost containment b) DRG c) Epidemiology d) Telemedicine
As people grow older, there is more need for:
a) Geriatric care b) Epidemiology c) Telemedicine d) Technology
If you get healthcare in a remote area, you probably received
a) Telemedicine b) Cost containment c) Epidemiology d) Energy Conservation
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