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An environment that contains a community of organisms that interact and depend on each other is called?
a) ecosystem b) food chain c) ecogram d) food pyramid
Which of the following is NOT an essential natural resource that ecosystems need to survive?
a) wind b) soil c) water d) climate
Which of the following statements is NOT true about food production in the United States?
a) Large farms are less efficient than small farms in producing foods. b) Many small farms have been absorbed into large farm operations. c) Interest in local food supplies is growing in many parts of the country. d) Farmers markets and similar programs link consumers directly with producers.
Food additives are used for all of the following EXCEPT:
a) changing food texture b) coloring food c) flavoring food d) improving nutrition
Which of the following does NOT contribute to global hunger?
a) industrialization b) inefficient farming methods c) natural disasters d) armed conflict
Which of the following is NOT a strategy for increasing food supplies?
a) development of alternative fuel sources b) organic farming c) agroforestry d) development of disease and pest resistant crops
Achieving economic growth while protecting the environment and promoting human well being is known as:
a) sustainable living b) subsistence living c) biodiverse living d) holistic living
Canning, freezing, curing, and drying are all methods of:
a) food producing b) food packaging c) food preservation d) food consumption
A healthy ecosystem needs _________, or a variety of plant and animal species.
a) fertilizer b) carnivores c) plenty of rain d) biodiversity
A process called _________ used to make instant coffee and died soup mixes, retains more flavor, texture, and nutrients than drying alone.
a) freeze drying b) canning c) freezing d) curing
Supermarkets and other food outlets that sell products directly to consumers are called food:
a) wholesalers b) retailers c) warehouses d) salesmen
People in _________ nations, which are just beginning to industrialize, often face obstacles trying to feed themselves and their families.
a) undeveloped b) developing c) poor d) cheap
Fresh water found beneath the surface of the earth is called:
a) well water b) cold water c) groundwater d) salt water
Solar and wind power are both __________ resources because they are continually replenished.
a) renewable b) nonrenewable c) inexpensive d) alternative
Organisms such as bacteria and fungi that break down dead matter and return the components to the environment as nutrients are called:
a) producers b) workers c) composers d) decomposers
In __________ farming, families live on whatever they can produce, which is usually a limited supply of food with little variety and inadequate nutrition.
a) subsistence b) organic c) substitute d) hydroponic
A cycle or process in which organisms get food from other organisms and the environment.
a) parasite b) food chain c) famine d) consumer
Consumers that eat both plants and animal:
a) herbivores b) ominvores c) carnivores d) vegetarians
Length of time food holds its original flavor and quality:
a) 7 days b) 6 months c) shelf life d) 1 year
Growing plants without soil:
a) aquaculture b) hydroponic c) agroforestry d) organic
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