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People who take responsibility for raising children on a long term or short term basis
a) Development Task b) Caregiver c) Milestone d) Play time
which one of these are not examples of caregivers.
a) Neighbors b) Day Care c) Grandparents d) Baby-sitter
which is not quality of a child care center
a) Call references b) Assess the options c) How much does it cost? d) Observe
What are examples of developmental task?
a) Walking, Talking b) Burping c) Crying, Eating d) Pooping, Peeing
What is a milestone for a 1 year old?
a) Motor Skills b) Parrel Play c) Sit up d) Open doors
What is a milestone for a toddler?
a) Smiles b) Undresses Self c) Motor Skills d) Brushes teeth
What is 1 milestone for a preschooler?
a) Motor Skills b) Rolls Over c) Climbs Stairs d) Curious
Which one of these are not a development area
a) Physical Development b) Intellectual Development c) Social Development d) Playing Development
Which was does a child learn best?
a) Learning b) Playing c) Repetition d) Experience
Can a child learn though there senses?
a) Yes b) No c) d)
which is qualities of infant playtime.
a) Short Attention Span b) Curious c) Pretend Play d) Motor Skills
Which one of these are not qualities of toddler Playtime.
a) Independent Play b) Motor Skills c) Curious d) Pretend Play
Which one of these are qualities of preschool playtime.
a) Curious b) Cooperative Play c) Motor Skills d) Short attention span
What stage does a child parallel play?
a) Infant b) Toddler c) Preschooler d)
What stage does a child cooperative play?
a) infant b) toddler c) preschooler d)
what stage does a child independent play?
a) Infant b) toddler c) preschooler d)
Which is not a responsibility of a babysitter
a) Be in touch with the parents who are out b) where to find the medical supplies are c) watch the calories a child eats d) How to keep kids safe
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