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1. Democracy, the form of government in the United States, had its roots in ancient
a) Greece b) Rome c) England d) France
The U.S. Congress and state ____ are based on the English system of Parliament.
a) representatives b) prisons c) legislatures d) laws
A combination of laws and customs that people live by
a) government b) politics c) customs d) rights
Our trial-by-jury system is similar to the system ______used in England.
a) King John b) Henry II c) Charles I d) King George
The colonists’ Bill of Rights was similar to the _____ Petition of Right and Bill of Rights.
a) Greek b) Romans c) English d) French
The colonists used the ____ ideas of a senate and representative form of government.
a) Greek b) Roman c) English d) French
What was the Stamp Act?
a) Tax on stamps used for mail b) Tax on mailing letters c) No more tax on newspapers d) Tax on newspapers and other printed materials
Stated that the colonists were free and independent
a) Declaration of Independence b) Constitution c) Bill of Rights d) Magna Carta
Group that makes a decision in a court of law
a) senate b) jury c) judge d) Congress
Organized an army to be led by George Washington
a) First Continental Congress b) Parliament c) Second Continental Congress d) Congress
Rule by one person or family
a) monarchy b) dictatorship c) republic d) democracy
The ____) gives people the basic rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
a) Petition of Right b) Declaration of Independence c) Magna Carta d) Stamp Act
Another reason colonists formed their own government was to choose their own____
a) religion b) food c) homes d) leaders
Colonists decided to take action against England
a) First Continental Congress b) Second Continental Congress c) War of 1812 d) Declaration of Independence
Democracy means
a) elect representatives b) protection of rights c) ruling power is shared d) Rule by the people
One reason colonists formed their own government was that they felt England taxed them
a) fairly b) unfairly c) wisely d) they didn't care
Made up of nobles and church leaders
a) House of Lords b) House of Commons c) Parliament d) Congress
Made up of knights and common people
a) Parliament b) House of Lords c) House of Commons d) Congress
4. The greatest influence on colonial government came from ____
a) Greece b) Rome c) England d) France
Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Indendpence
a) at the First Continental Congress b) at the Second Continental Congress c) Before the Continental Congress Meetings d) After the Revolutionary War
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