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Part of a word (broken down) is called___________?
a) Alphabetically b) Syllable c) Main entry d) Synonym
The way a dictionary is organized is ______________?
a) Main entry b) Pronunciation c) Part of speech d) Alphabetically
The two words at the top of each page to help you know what words are on the page are called_________________?
a) Pronunciation b) Syllable c) Guide words d) Other word forms
The word that has a similar meaning is called___________?
a) Synonym b) Guide words c) Alphabetically d) Definition
A way to shorten a word is called__________?
a) Synonym b) Syllable c) Abbreviation d) Pronunciation
The function of the word in speech is called__________?
a) Definition b) Main entry c) Guide words d) Part of speech
How to say a word is called________?
a) Pronunciation b) Abbreviation c) Alphabetically d) Syllable
Other words formed from the main word are called________?
a) Pronunciation b) Other word forms c) Part of speech d) Synonym
The meaning of the word is called__________?
a) Other word forms b) Guide words c) Definition d) Syllable
The word that is being defined is called ___________?
a) Entry Word b) Definition c) Verb d) Part of speech
Bonus: Where the word comes from (language) is called________?
a) Abbreviation b) Pronunciation c) origin (Etymology) d) Alphabetically
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